About Us

I first learned how to bead from my dear mother in 2009. She had taught herself how to bead at 80 years old and became somewhat obsessed with it! One weekend when visiting her in Sarasota, FL, I decided to ask her to teach me how to bead and the rest is history! I was immediately hooked! My mom was incredibly passionate about her hobby and her enthusiasm for beading was definitely passed on to me. She was thrilled to share her love of beading with me and it became a truly special bond between us. My mom would say that I was a "chip off the old block" which meant the world to me! One of the reasons I adore beading and am so passionate about it is that I feel such a connection to my mother and in a small way, perhaps carrying on her legacy.

We shared many outings to her favorite bead shops and boutiques when I would go down to Florida. I recall these shopping sprees with her, getting so excited about the jewelry we would create together with our new treasures. Up to the very end, when she suffered with serious dementia, we would always have beading to talk about... I would show her pictures of my work and it would give her such pleasure, admiring how far I'd come with my jewelry. 

I began exhibiting at community Craft and Gift fairs in 2011 and continue to participate in these events. I'm a member of many beading groups on social media which has been quite wonderful, being able to share ideas with one another or to get feeback and/or suggestions on my work...it's been extremely inspiring to me. In addition to being a vendor at craft fairs, I also sell my work at various retail boutiques, at our temple Judaica Gift Shop as well as on Facebook and now here, on my brand new website! It's been a very long time coming and I am thrilled to have finally created a venue for people to shop Sweet Sparklies! 

Thank you so much for visiting my on-line store. I truly appreciate your support! Everybody needs a little bit of sparkle in their lives.. hoping that my pieces will put a smile on your face!